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Anyone can create amazing animated and multimedia stories with our powerful tool - no Geographic Information Systems degree needed!

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It's simple to share your story on the web - you'll get everything you need to host your own website, or we can host your story and let you share it.

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A rich library of beautiful maps, cool transitions, custom icons, and you can even import your own geographic files (if you insist on being a Geographic Information Systems scientist).

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Build your own local tour with photos and video, tell your family's story, create a diary of your vacation.

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Interactive web maps have opened a whole new view of our world.

It usually takes a lot of technical knowledge to build a map application, but gives you the power to create your own map-based story and share it with anyone on the web. makes it as simple as building a slide presentation. You can:

  • Tell your family's story
  • Design a local tour
  • Promote your business and community
  • . . . the possibilities are endless!

With you can illuminate your story with video and audio, provide cool transitions from place to place

Add text and captions in panels that you can place anywhere on the map.

Share makes it incredibly simple to build a story map application and put it on the web.

Work on your story and save your design files locally on your computer. Once your story is complete, you can download it for free, and simply copy your story to your website - no special technology needed.

If you prefer, you can save your story on our hosting service, and make it available on the web with a link to your story, or with simple embed code you can add to any web page.

Currently, we're offering free hosting for up to three stories for six months while we're in our development phase. Soon we'll be providing options for hosting your stories permanently.

Features is built with OpenLayers, an open source map application that provides access to an incredible range of beautiful basemaps. You can even use a different basemap on each slide of your story.

Add up to three descriptive panels to each slide. Panels can contain captions, descriptive text, and images. With our built-in WYSIWYG editor you can style your text, or add your own html code.

Add photos, video, and audio from a range of online providers like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google+, and others. Our tutorials make it easy.

Enliven your map with a rich variety of icons that show the locations of your story -- or you can add your own web-based icons.

Draw lines and shapes on your map, style them with color and change their transparency.

Use cinematic effects to move between slides: animate and zoom to a new location, or dissolve, jump, wipe or slide from one location to another. is designed to respond to any size screen - your story will look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones!

GIS specialists can even import a variety of geographic file formats, including GeoJSON, KML, GPX and TopoJSON files, and style the imported features.


Here's a few of the things you can do with

  • Create a community or museum tour with photos, audio, and even video - no need to develop an expensive smartphone app. makes it possible for the smallest organization to create powerful tools.
  • Create a travelogue of your family vacation or scientific expedition - you can create a lasting memento, or even provide a day-by-day update of your adventure.
  • Tell the story of your family - show where your ancestors lived, moved, and met. Use family photos, recordings, letters to tell the tale.
  • Show changes that have happened to a place over time - show how environmental changes have reshaped the landscape.
  • Create a directory map that shows businesses, points of interest, or other highlights - with descriptions and images of each.
  • Tell a story - any story: a love story, a true crime story, a mystery, a history, a voyage, a legend or myth.

It's your story - now you have an easy way to show where it takes place.

Our Goal

We want to make it easy for anyone to use maps for telling their story.
Web mapping is an incredibly powerful, but complex tool.
We take care of the complicated stuff, so you can take the world along
to wherever you want to go.


StoryMap is a public service provided by Community Logic, Inc,
and designed by Doug DeNatale
© 2014-2015 Community Logic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Once your story is complete - freely share it with the world!


  • Save your story
  • to our hosting
  • service for free.
  • We'll give you
  • a link to your
  • story, and a simple
  • tag you can use
  • to add it to
  • your own website.


  • We'll give you
  • everything you need
  • to put your story
  • on your own server.
  • With one click, you
  • can download
  • all the necessary
  • files.

How To Guides

With, it's easy to create and publish a compelling and dynamic story.

Tell Your Story in Place™

Our video how-to guides will quickly get you telling your own story.


Getting Started

This tutorial will show you how to quickly create a story map.


Adding Icons, Lines, and Areas

This tutorial shows you how to add geographic elements to a story slide, such as icons to highlight points of interest; lines to show routes; or areas to highlight a region.


Adding Multimedia

How to add photos, video, or audio to your story to create a rich multimedia experience.


Publishing Your Story

This tutorial takes you through the steps of publishing your story.


Slide Transitions

Creating transitions between the slides of your story for cinematic effect.


Embedding Your Story

How to use the embed code to put your story on another webpage.


Managing Your Account

How to update your contact information or change your password.

Once we're completely up and runnning, we'll give some case studies of the ways in which is being used.


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